Structural Insulated Panel Wall System

Siding Styles

SIPís Offer Limitless Possibilities

Log Home Buyers

For the log home market ALTH uses SIPís to build itís ďPanel Ďn LogĒ wall system. We thenPorch and fireplace face the exterior of the home and portions of the interior with the log style siding of our clients choosing. We thereby create a log home that is faster to build, more energy efficient, more comfortable, more economical and comes without the maintenance problems so often associated with full log homes.

Log siding profiles come from thicker stock and can be milled from a variety of wood species- most notably, pine or cedar. Pine is kin-dried #2 or better and our cedar is dry STK or better. Other grades and species are also available. Siding material and the balance of your ALTH exterior finish package can be pre-stained if desired.

Swedish Cope style uses full-belly log siding over one or both sides of the panel. Full belly log siding can be milled from 3x or 4x timbers and can be in cedar or pine. D-Log style uses shallow-belly tongue and groove log siding over one or both sides of the panel. Shallow belly log siding is milled from 2x boards and can be in cedar or pine.




Corner Styles
Corners for the Swedish cope style, or full-belly log siding, can be in saddlenotch, vertical log, or square, rough-sawn heavy timber. Corners for the D-Log style can be in our special saddlenotch tails, traditional butt & pass, vertical log trim or square trim.
Saddlenotch log corner
Full-Belly Saddlenotch



Vertical log trim corner

Vertical log trim
Shallow Belly D-Log Style
 with Square Trim
Shallow belly square trim
Cedar Siding Options
Cedar siding profiles Cedar siding - board & batten

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